They call me a giant.
But my achievements are dwarfish.
I prefer old sick leaders,
To young vibrant leaders.
My legislature is a conduit for sharing funds.

I create billionaires by,
Gifting state resources to individuals,
Who in turn claim,
To be richer than me.
And prefer donating to foreign causes.

My roads are a combination of,
Water-filled potholes,
Corrugated tarmacs,
And broken down vehicles,
Making them death traps.

My water supply,
Is head carried buckets,
Shoulder slung containers,
Plastic sachets, polluted wells,
And rusty water tankers.

I develop grazing reserves for foreigners,
But no farming reserves for farmers.
My food supply is tenuous and unreliable.
I import food, despite year round sunlight,
Abundant arable land and plentiful water.

Electricity is a luxury.
I am powered by smoky, noisy generators.
My citizens pay for electricity,
And get darkness.
Complainers are disconnected from the grid.

My landlines are clothes lines,
Cellular service is unreliable.
Data is 1/2 G or no G,
Masquerading as 4G.
Text messages may take days to get to its destination.

Citizens go to my hospitals,
To die or be maimed.
Hospitals make more money,
As mortuaries than healing places.
Whilst hospital “death” fees skyrocket.

I am the biggest oil exporter on my continent,
But the largest importer of refined petroleum products.
My refineries are mothballed,
And are breeding places for rats,
That are now menacing me.

I spend my oil resources,
Procured from the South,
In the North of the country.
Demand that the World Bank concentrate investment,
In the North to the exclusion of the South.

Rats so bold that,
They drove my President
Out of his office into the other room,
To be replaced by an impostor from Sudan,
Who drove the rats away.

My army is showing force,
To peace loving citizens,
Protecting killer herdsmen,
Running away from terrorists,
And building resentment.

Protest and you are labeled,
A terrorist, hate monger, or secessionist.
Applaud and you are given,
A supporting role,
Below the ruling class.

My leaders use rent-a-mob and rent-a-crowd,
To prop up their popularity,
To beat the opposition senseless,
To provide temporary employment to restive youths,
And to hoodwink the masses.

Can you name me?

2 thoughts on “WHAT NATION AM I?

  1. Do this nation’s leaders lead from sick beds in foreign lands to avoid the nemesis of their inadequate provision of healthcare services for its citizens?
    Then it must be Nigeria!

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