Igbo chameleons.
Successful but seething with anger and resentment.
Licks the butt of the Hausa-Fulani,
To achieve any modicum of success in Nigeria.
Some convert to Islam aka Stockholm Syndrome.

Outwardly happy and successful,
Inwardly unhappy and sad.
Changes as the chameleon,
To curry favor,
From the Hausa-Fulani.

Internal turmoil creates stress.
Stress creates or enhances illnesses.
One unguarded utterance,
And the Hausa-Fulani turns off your spigot.
Early death is inevitable.

But success at what cost?
Loss of self-esteem?
Loss of dignity and honor?
Loss of identity and legacy?
Loss of courage?

Your forebears resisted the British.
You acquiesce to less than British hegemony.
Has your courage and sense of justice,
Disappeared at the sight of money?
Has money become everything?

Power trumps money.
Power creates money.
Liberty follows money.
Earned money,
Sweeter than patronage money.

Igbos wake up,
Reclaim your glory and power.
Riches earned by sycophancy and bootlicking,
May turn into shackles,
That ensnares the ever changing chameleon.

Reclaim Igbo dignity.
Reclaim Igbo pride.
Reclaim Igbo identity.
And watch your fortunes multiply.
Making your forebears happy once again!

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