Made a visit to the moon possible.
Will make the vaporization of the Earth inevitable.
Touted as one of the greatest triumphs of science.
Comes in all sizes, shapes, and configurations.
Routinely beats humans in defined tasks.

What about unexpected and undefined?
Computers are as good as the software.
Throw in spam, malware, viruses, and ransomware,
And the computer turns the master into the servant.
A computer hostage situation develops.
Productivity screeches to a halt.

Accounts hacked, billions stolen, elections rigged, patents redesigned and stolen,
Movies released ahead of premieres, books plagiarized and industrial secrets stolen,
Production lines screech to a halt and vital information corrupted.
Power grids, nuclear plants, and military control and command centers are vulnerable.
Processes built in years are destroyed or corrupted in milliseconds.
What the computer made possible, the computer destroys.

Can a computer distinguish between a gorilla,
And a human in a gorilla suit?
Not always, as computers can be fooled,
Even learning computers!
While the human brain is ever adaptable, and can innovate,
Computer innovation despite artificial intelligence is software limited.

Software can never be more intelligent than its creator.
But can software create havoc unintended by its creator?
Here lies the perils of artificial intelligence.
Anything with the artificial moniker is suspect,
Be it artificial food, drink, color, or intelligence.
Organic trumps artificial.

There can never be an artificial human created by computers.

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