Recently a picture of the British Prime Minister David Cameron riding the London Underground, while standing, appeared on Facebook. The other passengers recognized him, but they gave him the same treatment they would give any other passenger in the train. No one shouted his name or genuflected before him. Maybe, he was doing such a bad job as Prime Minister that he was ignored by the other passengers. The general election, which he won following the incident, shows that the last reason is untenable.

Whatever the reason, there is an immense lesson to be learned by African Leaders. The Prime Minister has the same health insurance coverage as everyone else on the train unlike in Africa and America where the leaders enjoy first class health coverage and the majority of the population are either uncovered or under covered. Some sick African leaders travel with government owned and maintained planes to foreign countries for treatment. Meanwhile they are accumulating hospital and plane parking fees for their nations. They refuse to disclose their illnesses, which are being treated at government expense.

African leaders travel on the same dilapidated, crater-filled, crime-infested roads as their citizens. Their security outriders riding on motorcycles and pick-up vehicles whip other road users off the highways. Many motorists have been killed or maimed by these convoys. Their heavily tinted armored vehicles travel at such a high rate of speed that they have also killed or maimed many innocent pedestrians, who were at the right place at the right time. Wouldn’t it be civilized to have paved and well maintained roads and highways for every citizen?

When African leaders travel by air, they use a special section of the airport, called the VIP or State Lounges. When exiting the airport and entering their capital cities, African leaders go under a special arch reserved for the President. Africastallestman is yet to see such contraptions in modern Europe, Asia, or America. Emperors of yore had such triumphant arches but the Emperors had a long list of accomplishments.

African leaders are accomplished at impoverishing their nations. Maybe they should be entering and exiting their capitals through the back door as thieves.

One African President on leaving office was “surprised “to find the roads congested and the whole country in darkness. Surprised! When you are insulated from your subjects, how can you assess the needs of the people from the aircraft inspired rear seats of your darkly tinted luxurious limousines or when you have seven jet aircrafts to whisk you around the country overflying every problem?

While African leaders spend half their tenure in foreign western countries shopping, vacationing, or undergoing treatment for the common cold, they are out of touch with the governed. Meanwhile Western leaders vacation in their countries. At the end of their tenures, African leaders will usually lie, intimidate, and if necessary kill their way into reelection. What a comedy of misgovernance and maladministration!


  1. Simply, mark of deep ill-education.Two hundred years from now will not produce ideal leaders in Africa. No way. Are we joking? Again, it appears to be the question of Trust and love. If you love and trust your neighbor or friend or your community will you steal their identity.. with phones you do not even know how they work?. If you have respect your electors, and people, will you hurt them in any where? Tallestman, people are listening to you, and , I believe, that your insights will deeply make some of them to change their idea or concepts of themselves and their existence in this unknown world of theirs.
    At that point, I will personally disagree with former great president of Senegal Leopold S. Senghor, that: “PASSION IS TO THE BLACKS AS REASON IS TO WHITES”. We Africans and our leaders too, are reasonable, but some how, we fail to apply it effectively in terms of self-government. Hegel, a German philosopher, once averred that:African spirit is yet asleep, and hundreds of Western Europeans and American Thinkers, who almost with certainty, think that Africans are really incapable of self-government.This line of contention seriously appears to have continually been borne out by serious observation of the leaders doings, over time, since independence. Thank you so much.

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