First, it was Alhaji Lai Mohammed who changed his name to Alhaji Lie Mohammed and started disseminating misinformation. Rotimi Amechi next claimed to hate money so much so that he just stashes the nuisance without using it. Dr. Christian Ngige, who once defied Chief Lieutenant General Olusegun Mathew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo and Chief Christian Uba to the admiration of all Nigerians, has caught the Buhari bug. This same bug has President Muhammadu Buhari presently hospitalized in London. Alhaji Ngige stated th, “Yes, that is what it is, but all I want to tell you is that we played bad politics; we made a bad investment because they invested in the Jonathan presidency. They invested in Jonathan more than the South-south, where he hails from.”
“I am not saying that is enough to marginalize them or not allow them to come in but we are there. I will continue to speak for them and when there is anything to be distributed, we will make sure that the South-east gets its own portion. But they will not get excess portion.” Alhaji Ngige is referring to his people as “them.” Chineke! Walahi talahi!

Marginalisation: Igbo Refused to Invest in Buhari’s Campaign, Says Ngige

Yes, Alhaji, the Igbos hear you. Extending the standard railway gauge to the South-east is excess portion. Hiring Igbos into the SSS is excess portion. Giving Igbos any significant Federal appointment is excess portion. President Barack Obama treated the so-called red states that did not vote for him in 2008 as well or better than the blue states that voted for him. In return, he won re-election in 2012. The APC broom will be used to sweep out the North Western President Buhari in 2019.

Ngige won election as a senator in 2011, and a woman beat him in 2015. If he decides to compete in 2019, a disabled person will beat him. Anambra is poised and waiting for Ngige and his APC Igbo haters.

As compensation for helping install President Buhari, Dr. Ngige, a highly trained medical doctor, was made a Minister of Labor, in charge of all laborers at Aso Rock. Expectations were high that he would be made the Minister of Health, but he forgot that he is Igbo. Buhari hates Igbos and makes no excuses.

Ngige may think that being allowed into the foyer of Aso Rock to see Alhaji Abba Kyari, who will in turn transmit messages to President Buhari about the state of Aso Rock laborers, is ministerial. He is only fooling himself; he has no real portfolio. No surprise! Why would President Buhari treat Ngige differently? Isn’t he Igbo? The ever-cunning Ngige has mastered the Hausa language and converted to Islam. Now he is being used to vilify his own people.

Since Buhari does not consider the Igbos part of Nigeria and excludes them from significant appointments and infrastructural developments in Nigeria, the Igbos will not acknowledge President Muhammadu Buhari as the President of Nigeria. Buhari’s sympathizers, such as Alhaji Kirista Ngige and his fellow co-travelers, are not welcome in Igbo land until they disavow Buhari and his hatist policies towards the Igbos.


  1. I have earlier read that Ngiges submission and honestly I was taken aback because I searched my innermost mind to decipher exactly or close to what he meant but the more I thought about it the more I failed to make any assumptions “right or wrong”. Well, all I can say is may posterity judge him accordingly.

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