Nigerians are the world’s most intelligent people.
In fact, their intelligence is legendary.

Pioneer Nigerian politicians were so intelligent that they agreed to mix water (Christianity) with oil (Islam).

Such a mixture will always separate.

No nation with equitably distributed Christian and Islamic faith has ever known peace.

Unintelligent Indian politicians partitioned India into Hindi India and Islamic Pakistan at independence.

While India is a world economic power, Pakistan is embroiled in terrorism.

Nigerians are so intelligent that they continually elect leaders with life-threatening
health issues.

Intelligent Nigerians prefer noisy and smoky electric generators to noiseless and reliable electricity generated by natural gas, coal, water, solar, wind, and geothermal sources that abound in Nigeria.

Intelligent Nigerians use the money meant for roads to buy Roll Royces, which they drive on pothole-riddled and water-logged roads!

Intelligent Nigerians overload vehicles that shorten the lifespan of the vehicles.

In Nigeria, intelligent bureaucrats build corruption into contracts and the proceeds are laundered into foreign bank accounts.

Meanwhile, Nigerian intelligent politicians ask for the same money as a loan to Nigeria at high interest rates.

Intelligent Nigerian politicians and business executives have foresworn the establishment of healthcare institutions in Nigeria.

On their medical junkets overseas, assuming they do not expire en route, intelligent Nigerians are surprised to be treated by intelligent Nigerian doctors who intelligently fled Nigeria for professional development.

The Nigerian Custom Service is so intelligent that they shake you down at the official port of entry and shake you down several times over on the major highways and cities.

The intelligent Nigerian government prefers to collect custom duties inside Nigeria’s borders rather than at the borders.

Intelligent Nigerians in the diaspora have falsified their age so much so that they lose retirement benefits.

Nigerians are so intelligent that they believe that prayers, fasting, and miracles are the panacea to any human problem, be it physical, infrastructural, emotional, or spiritual.

So intelligent are Nigerians that Nigerians with PhDs, clergy, and indeed the majority of the populace are irredeemably superstitious.

Nigerians are so intelligent that they keep doing the same things while expecting different results.

Intelligent Nigerians import plastic rice from China to poison themselves.

Intelligent Nigerians import fake drugs that end up poisoning the importers and their families.

Intelligent Nigerians glorify greedy, inept, and shameless politicians by rewarding perpetrators with higher offices, national honors and traditional titles.

Intelligent Nigerians spend more money on dead relatives than on living ones.

Nigerians are so intelligent that they float three or more fake companies to corner government contracts, award inflated contracts to themselves, families and cronies, while preaching due process and transparency.

Nigerians are so intelligent that some Nigerian prefix their names with fake doctors and suffix them with fraudulent internet degrees.

To intelligent Nigerians, corruption is corruption only when they are not the beneficiaries.

Intelligent Nigerians applaud stealing from the common purse, while they also applaud lynching a hungry child for stealing a loaf of bread.

The Nigerian Policemen are so intelligent that they openly fight colleagues for a share of the bribe!

The only solution for a better Nigeria is to make Nigerians less intelligent!


  1. Their existential Vacuum or meaninglessness engendered their quest for themselves in their possessions, not knowing where to look for their identities. They have eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear, minds but could not think of anything else other than food,shelter or clothes. Never contemplate their presence in the universe, the world etc., the question: Who am I?, what am I doing here? What is good life? What is love? and What is my relationship with everything. Look: forget it…

  2. Intelligent indeed!! Selling fuel and kerosene in their streets and homes… So sad!! 😭

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