Issa Hayatou Home To Roost!


Issa Hayatou dribbled all around the 57 members of CAF for 29 years until he was tackled and brought down by Madagascar’s Ahmad Ahmad.

Having been disgraced and displaced from his job as the dictator of African Football.
Issa Hayatou has his eyes set on the top job in the Cameroon.

Paul’s Biya’s days as the sole dictator of the Cameroon are numbered.
He now has stiff competition in fellow dictator and compatriot, Issa Hayatou.

Once a dictator, always a dictator.
With sympathy from his fellow citizens for his thrashing by Ahmad, and FIFA millions if not billions, Issa Hayatou is poised to replace fellow dictator, Paul Biya of the Cameroon.

Meanwhile, we will all sit back and watch the game unfold.
This time, the game will be that of political football and Paul is no match for Issa!

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