Someone clearheadedly calls someone a monkey.
Remedy: An apology to the monkey is in order.

Someone blatantly calls someone a Nigger.
Remedy: Apologize to the Nigger!

Someone purposefully runs over someone with an automobile.
Remedy: An apology is all that is necessary.

Someone fabricated evidence to imprison somebody.
Remedy: Apologize to the victim.

Someone knowingly drops incendiary devices on civilians.
Remedy: Apologize for the collateral damage.

Organizations systematically deny a particular race opportunities to succeed.
Remedy: An apology by the head of the organization will wipe their slate clean.

A President lies repeatedly.
Remedy: Apologize for lying. Isn’t impeachment a better option?

Instead of apologizing you might as well wipe my nyash!

Apologies are meant to be tendered for acts of misbehavior, inaction, negligence, or actions exhibited under the influence of substances or persons that are beyond your control. It is not meant to cover willful actions exhibited by clearheaded individuals under the influence of their sane minds. For such apologies to be sincere they have to be followed by sanctions, reparations, and legislation with teeth to discourage, punish, and outlaw such dastardly behavior in the future. An apology is a not a panacea for evil! Sometimes retaliatory actions trump apologies and may be necessary to prevent future aberrant behavior.

2 thoughts on “APOLOGY MY NYASH!

  1. You just made a case for remorselessness and the need to not apologise for ones misdeeds. In other words, face the consequences!

    If consequential acts must follow misdemeanours or felonies, shouldn’t we question the need for rehabilitation and apologies then?

  2. Hal,
    Apology is not a panacea for willful misdeeds. People inflict harm up to, and including death on other people and then apologize.

    For example, there is no justification for calling a colored person, an ape. Some colorless people especially celebrities would do just that. Subsequently there is a worldwide clamor for an apology from the bigoted perpetrator. The apology under duress does not eliminate the inner hatred for colored people. This is “Apology my nyash!”

    Sincere apologies rendered remorsefully for inadvertent acts are acceptable to all including the writer.

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