According to the Huffington Post, Democrats are outraged and disappointed with FBI Director, Mr. James Comey for handing over the US Presidency to Donald Trump.
Disappointed, outraged, what a farce! A democratic President hands over the nation’s top law enforcement job to a Republican and you are outraged that he wants a Republican President? President-Elect Trump has not nominated a Democrat for White House janitor, let alone a cabinet position.

Until Democrats start fighting like Republicans, they will always be left with the short end of the stick. For a start, President Trump should be treated the way, the Republicans treated Presiident Obama. I predicted privately that President Putin will not retaliate by expelling US diplomats before he made the decision not to retaliate. His actions definitely proves without doubt that he aided Trump. The US cannot have a “foreign” President. I suggest that the US Congress take the unprecedented steps to have a rerun election for the US Presidency.

Africastallestman believes that anything less will be unacceptable to every patriotic American. If it needs a constitutional amendment, may the process start immediately. Meanwhile President Barack Obama will serve as Interim President until the conclusion of the rerun election. Russia has declared war on America. After a “foreign Muslim Kenyan President,” America needs a bona fide American President and not a Russian Stooge.

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