A Nigerian governor who defected to the opposition party, while serving as a Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives, to actualize his quest to become a governor has discovered the best governing tool – prayers. Africastallestman wholeheartedly agrees with him, but there must be goals with severe penalties for failure.

Osinbajo launches school feeding programme in Edo

The crime rate in Nigeria is high and unacceptable. The underlying causes are declining economy, fueling unemployment, corruption, religious diversion of scarce public resources to private pockets, nepotism, tribalism, quota system of rewarding incompetence, and inept governance. Nigeria’s two options for solving its problems are either politics or prayers.

Our governor will be given wide berth to design his prayers. If every Nigerian has to convert to one religion to actualize his or her solution, so let it be. If the problems persist after the nationwide prayer orgies, everyone will have to pay a heavy price.
If praying works, as a solution, prayer mongers then deserve a Nobel Prize, and their brand of prayers should become a part of the Nigerian Constitution.
Africastallestman also sees a big export market for Nigerian prayers and prayer warriors.

The other option is political. Everyone comes to the bargaining table loaded with pragmatic, progressive plans while leaving self-serving, sectional, prejudiced, and primordial plans at home. If this option fails, at least nobody gets ripped off by religious charlatans.

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