The black race is condemned to eternal servitude in all spheres of human endeavors.
While 60+ year old Caucasians are using their goodwill, wealth, and influence to better their societies, 60+ year old African professionals and business people are retired, enjoying their prosperity, and defending their foisted faith, revealed to them by strangers. Some never retire but they falsify their ages and deny the unemployed youth job opportunities. It is not surprising that youth unemployment is 80%! One of the political parties once had a 70-year old as youth leader! Trump is 70 years old, and he did not become President by ignoring society.

Africastallestman realizes that he is preaching to people with genetic handicaps, but he must do his duty as an intellectual to point out the deficiencies in most African societies. The non-intellectual African not only hates intellectualism but also hates people who express intellectualism, while plagiarizing intellectuals to score a point.
Our disdain for intellectualism explains our political choices. Chinua Achebe will be turning in his grave.

Intellectuals created the modern world. Money cannot buy intellectualism and death cannot extinguish it. Your intellectualism lives on as your legacy. People who flaunt their wealth, mostly ill-gotten as a counter to intellectualism are truly envious of intellectuals.

If adult Africans can find the time to cruise the internet, to copy, paste, and forward glurge, written for entertainment, then they can devote a little time to critical thinking and solve African problems, using their accumulated wealth, knowledge, and goodwill. If we are not careful, Africa may be re-colonized, and this new form of colonization will be mental, economic, religious, and cultural.

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