Black South Africans are the most ungrateful people in the world. Nigeria stood with Black South Africans during the segregatory, suffocating, and cruel apartheid regime. Nigeria expended its meager financial resources and political capital in the fight against apartheid. It is rumored that General Murtala Mohammed gave his life for South Africa. What did Nigeria get in return from an independent South Africa? MTN (Message Transmitted Nowhere), a South African Telecommunications Company swooped into Nigeria in 2001, and has been ripping Nigerians off for 16 years. MTN with the connivance of compromised Nigerian politicians recovered its capital investments in 3 years. This is a world record for any industry.

Meanwhile, the South African Police are suffocating Nigerians to death in record numbers. Ordinary South Africans are clubbing, stabbing, and burning Nigerians to death. The ruling ANC (African National Congress or Annihilating Nigerian Citizens) whose survival during apartheid was actualized by Nigerians keeps mum. President Jacob Zuma, shame to you. You are a disgrace to the Black race. The BBC reported on January 2, 2017 that 26 Nigerians were killed by South Africans and the South African Police in 2016. Does Nigeria have a government? How many killings of Nigerians in South Africa will rouse the Nigerian Government from its comatose state?

The South Africans allege that Nigerians are involved in illegal activities. A dead person cannot be convicted of any illegal activity without a court proceeding. Are these killings cover ups, to protect South Africans who are the kingpins of these illegal activities? The reason is inconsequential. MTN had been fostering illegal activities in Nigeria since 2001. They were recently fined by the NCC (Nigerian Communications Commission) for aiding and abetting the Boko Haram terrorist organization by non-registration of SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) cards. South Africans are killing Nigerians in South Africa and MTN from South Africa is killing Nigerians in Nigeria!

If South Africans and the South African police are killing Nigerians for unproven illegal activities, Nigeria should kill (nationalize) MTN for proven illegal activities. If the inept Nigerian Government is unwilling to kill MTN, Nigerians should boycott MTN.

Africastallestman says enough is enough. The Nigerian Government should act immediately to end the brazen and wanton killing of its citizens or it will become the laughing stock of the world.

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