Life is akin to a race, an individual race.
There is a starting line, and a finish line.
Everything in between, is part of the race.
Some divide their races into years.
Some choose not to divide theirs.
However you divide your race, is up to you.
A new year is just a rest area on the race line.

At this point you evaluate your life — race.
And adjust your strategy for the rest of the race ahead.
Other runners may be running a different race.
Keep trying to improve your life by running your own race.
Different runners have different finish lines.
Therefore make the best use of your allotted line.
A new year is just a rest area

One race may be one hundred years, another fifty years.
The length of the race is insignificant, but quality matters.
Racing along a broad, fun-filled winding line with lots of activities,
Is preferable to a narrow straight line devoid of activities.
God measures life in lines, some short, some long, and not in years.
So race smartly until you reach the finish line.
Happy New Year — It’s another Rest Area.

2 thoughts on “NEW YEAR OR REST AREA.

  1. The core of existential philosophy is EXISTENCE before ESSENCE. Does your idea of race, here, comprise both existence and essence, i.e the “is” and the “ought” and which comes first in you race as life and being-in-the-world?

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