People need to be autonomous and not automobiles. Currently, Americans are held hostage by their automobiles. A functional mass transit or public transportation system will liberate Americans from automobile bondage. Autonomous automobiles are meant for individuals who cannot drive, are too old to drive, or do not enjoy driving. Anyone purchasing an autonomous sports car needs a visit to the psychiatrist. Sports cars are meant to be enjoyed by the driver. The thrill of driving a 500+ hp (horsepower) sports cars can only be experienced. No adjectives, superlatives, and emotives can describe the exhilarating experience.

America, which is pioneering driverless or autonomous vehicles needs to upgrade its public infrastructure by investing heavily in public transportation. The economic returns may be inestimable. People will be more productive as the gained commuting hours are turned into books, degrees, assignments, projects, software, and knowledge. Jobs are created building the network, manufacturing the rolling stock, operating the network, and maintaining the network. Workers in the depressed inner cities are brought to jobs in the suburbs. Commuting stress and road rage is reduced. Quality of life improves as people are not held hostage by banks who finance automobile purchases. The automobile industry gains by selling higher margin automobiles. Clunkers (old, junky automobiles) disappear from American roads. Global warming, environmental pollution, and environmental degradation abates. Everyone is happy.

The automobile industry, the chief opponent of public transportation in America will be curious to know why there is money for them in public transportation? They can manufacture the rolling stock. People, even those on the lower rungs of the economic pyramid will upgrade their personal automobile. The money saved by not maintaining their clunkers makes this possible.

Africastallestman was surprised to see janitorial staff in Europe driving late model cars. This is unheard and unseen in America. With only a small percentage of Americans owning passports and even a smaller percentage venturing outside the big island called America, the public support for mass transit is lukewarm to nonexistent.

Americans should demand autonomy from their automobiles and not autonomous automobiles. Automobiles should regain their former designation as pleasure appurtenances and not indispensable means of transportation. A great nation must also have a great public transportation system and not elevated downtown bike paths that masquerade as public transit such as seen in Detroit and Miami. A visit to Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom or similar countries with advanced public transportation systems should be a requirement for a college degree in America.

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