After the Republicans eviscerated the Democrats and polarized the nation, en route to Trump’s victory, there are now calls by Republicans for unity. Democrats should be wary of this change in tune of the hitherto Republican message of no-holds-barred, take no prisoner approach to politics. Liberals are so liberal that they fight evil liberally. If you do not fight evil viciously, evil will eviscerate you.

The Republican or Left concept of compromise is move over to our position or go to hell. In some cases, it may be better to go to hell than live through an unsavory compromise. After all, reports reaching earth from hell, confirm that hell has been fully air conditioned. Dante, eat your heart out!

The unity the Democrats owe the Republicans is the unity Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party extended to President Barack Obama during his 8 years in office. If America did not become the Disunited States of America, it will not become one during the democratic civil disobedience of the Trump administration. It is not too late for the right (Liberals, Democrats) to develop the testicular and mammary fortitude to fight the left (Conservatives, Republicans).

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