The Security Council Has To Impose Peace On The Middle East.

The Security Council Has To Impose Peace On The Middle East.

Some important actors in the Middle East Imbroglio, which is the number one threat to nuclear Armageddon and world peace are disingenuous when they suggest that peace cannot be imposed on the combatants. The present confusion in the Middle East was imposed by the United Nations in 1948. A two state solution remains a mirage for the Palestinians while Israel is expanding its territory by military force aided by its Western backers. The West cannot atone for anti-Semitism and the Holocaust on the back of Palestinians.

A two state solution with borders guaranteed by the Security Council of the United Nations will bring everlasting peace to that region. Terrorists who use Palestinian domination, repression, and economic strangulation by Israel as basis for their wanton and dastardly human carnage will be without a cause. They may have to start killing themselves in the hate championship competition!

Israel and the Palestinians agreeing on a solution to their conflict without external intervention, is akin to Russia giving up the Crimea because Ukraine says it should, or the USA giving up Guantanamo Bay, because Cuba wants its territory back. When unequal combatants are pitched against each other, a referee is mandatory or there will be serious consequences for the weaker combatant.

Sometimes, blood relatives have the most vicious fights. The Bible informs us that the Palestinians and Arabs descended from Abraham. The world has to be fair and impartial in dealing with the Middle East problem and hopefully the world will become a safer place. Money for world economic development will cease enriching the one percent that own General Missiles, General Body Scanners, General Encryption, General Drones, and General Intelligence and start lifting the poor out of poverty.

Africastallestman believes that you cannot discard an untried solution when every tried solution has been fruitless! What is the world waiting for – divine intervention! This will never happen when the two protagonists practice different revealed religions, where your God always gives you the advantage.

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