It is legal for humans to fight like dogs and cockerels, but it is illegal for dogs to fight dogs and cockerels to fight cockerels. There is something wrong with this scenario. For the uninitiated, the difference is money, and I mean big money.

Dog fights and cockerel fights are small money affairs staged clandestinely in small arenas. Sometimes, the fights are staged in peoples’ backyards. There is no world-wide television audience and the law is always seeking to punish perpetrators of animal cruelty with harsh sentences. If big money and corporate sponsorship were involved in dog and cockerel fights, Africastallestman believes that big money can sway public opinion into accepting dog and cockerel fights. There will be ineffective protests from animal lovers. Similarly, ineffective protests from human lovers have not affected the growth of mixed martial arts (MMA) because of corporate sponsorship.

Contrarily, human cruelty perpetrated by the practitioners of mixed martial arts is celebrated, glorified, and tolerated by the law. Most of these blood cuddling fights are openly organized by UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships). UFC is worth a reported $4 billion dollars. There is open betting (gambling) on the outcomes of big championship fights. These fights attract multinational companies as advertisers. There are huge fight side audiences as well as profitable pay per view audiences.

According to the Irish Times, “At least 13 martial arts fighters and kickboxers have died either competing in MMA fights or getting ready for them since 2007.”

The death of a single dog in a dog fight will make headline news around the world. There will be calls for a near death penalty for the sponsors and organizers of the fight. No one dares to openly stage a dog fight in the Western world. This includes Presidents, Prime Ministers, Queens, and Kings. Africastallestman believes that some of our political leaders watch the gore, called MMA in the solitude of their bedrooms. Hopefully, the Russians or Wikileaks will expose their hypocrisy by hacking into their television systems!

Are animal lives more precious than human lives? Is this human carnage ignored because the practitioners are low income, undereducated, and exploitable humans, who have been left behind by the rising tide of economic prosperity?

Africastallestman urges all governments to put a stop to this barbaric sport. If animal carnage is abhorrent, human carnage should be anathema to all.

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